Etelligent Email Marketing

We recognise the significant role email marketing plays in digital marketing. As a retention and growth marketing tactic, Etelligent give you the opportunity to learn more about your customers' preferences to build stronger relationships at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Etelligent Email Marketing helps you quickly create, send and track email campaigns. It offers the simplicity of use required by entry-level users combined with a highly intuitive range of sophisticated features necessary for today's fast growing businesses.

With Etelligent you can learn about your contacts’ preferences by the way they interact with your email campaigns. Etelligent will store away this valuable data and can auto-respond and trigger more relevant email campaigns in the future...leading to better results.

Features include:

  • Create limitless number of email campaign and personalise content based on audience preferences
  • Easy build in HTML WYSIWYG editor and upload Word docs, PDFs, Powerpoint and Spreadsheets
  • Create and manage unlimited number of contact lists, segmenting into target groupings
  • Add profile auto-updaters based on link clicking history
  • Schedule messages to be sent in the future and split test and personalise subject lines
  • Share to social media
  • Complete message reporting with charts viewing delivered, bounces, opens, clickthroughs and social reach
  • Export of all reporting data and segment your list based on reporting results
  • Send automated messages based on clickthroughs, date or events
  • Create and automate follow-up campaigns in advance
  • Complete contact management and follow-up system