Effectively manage your digital marketing…

Etelligent’s joined-up approach helps you build better brand experiences online for your customers and drive interactions cross-channel - web, mobile, email and social.

Effectively gathering audience insights and preferences in one place - Etelligent empowers you to easily and intelligently respond with relevant and timely digital communications.

…all in one place

Website CMS

Editing your website with Etelligent Website CMS is as easy as writing a document in Microsoft Word. You’ll love the modern, intuitive interface as well as advanced features such as creating content once and publishing throughout. read more

Mobile CMS

Effectively manage and select the content that really suits mobile users on the move with Etelligent Mobile CMS and publish across a range of handsets and devices. read more

Social Marketing

Quickly share content to social channels with Etelligent Social Marketing extending your reach and increasing you brand’s visibility and buzz across the web. read more

Search Marketing

Not only does Etelligent create search ‘friendly’ sites but it allows you to improve your ongoing search engine optimization, giving you the ability to input relevant information to drive traffic to your site. read more

Email Marketing

Quickly and easily plan, create, send and track personalised customer messages with Etelligent Email Marketing learning more about and responding to your customers' preferences to build stronger brand relationships. read more


Easily profile and segment target audiences with Etelligent CRM and automate communications with customers cross -channel – web, mobile, and traditional media - and maximise efficiency moving prospects through the sales funnel. read more

Event Manager

Create and manage all your events effectively with Etelligent Event Manager and easily implement automatic pre-event and post-event delegate digital communications. read more

Survey Manager

Easily create forms or surveys with Etelligent Survey Manager to effectively capture and review customer preferences and insert the forms into pages or share on other websites. read more