Etelligent Search Marketing

Etelligent provides the basic and ideal platform for websites to improve the search relevance and authority of content. Sites built by Etelligent ensure the coding of your site for its speed, compliance and transparency – all key factors on high ranking indexable content to maximise  effectiveness of on-page SEO .

Search Engine Optimisation within Etelligent will not only give you the ability to perform tasks to improve your rankings, it will also provide them with feedback on their current ‘search’ status.

Page titles, page description metatags and some metatags for keywords or phrases can all be added at a website level or at a webpage and an indexable Google XML Sitemap is auto-created as part of the publishing process of Etelligent

Features include:

  • Automated generation of an XML sitemap to document the existence of every page on your website
  • Editable URLs for each page
  • Editable meta data for each page, giving complete control of the semantic definition of each page on the site
  • Each template will also include additional meta data, detailing the character-encoding of the page, the geographic location of the page, and so on, ensuring that the site is fully “understood” by the search engines, allowing them to index the site as comprehensively as possible
  • Authored templates which conform to the W3C standards, providing the optimal environment for web spiders to index your site efficiently and effectively.