Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrat Party choose Etelligent as their digital platform moving towards the 2010 General Election and beyond, delivering and co-ordinating a range of joined-up digital marketing and technology solutions.

What’s joined-up?

Etelligent allows the LibDems to not only manage content online but also provides more joined-up digital marketing functionality, driving more online supporter acquisition, retention and growth opportunities.

Clear ‘call to actions’ on the homepage and key landing pages targeted key audiences to submit data using Etelligent Survey Manager. Etelligent Email Marketing then drives ongoing dialogue with relevant and timely messaging.

Etellgent CMS allows content created once, such as news items, that can be associated with LibDem people – from the leader to MPs, MEP, Peers – policies and places providing the user with relevant and engaging content and publishing throughout.

Content can be also easily created and shared across mutiple microsites centrally for the Deputy Prime Minister and party ‘personalities’ alike.

Etelligent modules

  • Etelligent Website CMS
  • Etelligent Email Marketing
  • Etelliegent Search Marketing
  • Etelligent Surveys Manager

Enhanced functionality

  • Social Media integration
  • Online payment integration
  • Supporter and member CRM

Marketing services used

  • Digital planning
  • Design and user experience