A leading nationwide Insurance Broker (commercially sensitive NDA)

A leading independent insurance broker with over 30 years experience in providing a range of insurance products including car, home and business choose Etelligent to manage the complex CRM process cross-channel.

What’s joined-up?

 Joined-up Etelligent CRM with Etelligent CMS and Etelligent Email Marketing can at each step of the customer journey send automated emails, trigger phone calls (through integration with 3rd party call queuing software), send SMS messages, communicate via Social networking channels and even produce PDF letters – efficiently moving prospects through the sales channel.

The result is a higher return in the sales leads to conversion ratio with Etelligent CRM and joined-up Etelligent products.

Etelligent produtcs selected

  • Etelligent CRM
  • Etelligent Website CMS
  • Etelligent Email Marketing
  • Etelligent Survey Manager

Enhanced functionality requested

  • 3rd party call centre integration

Marketing services used

  • Digital planning
  • Design and user experience
It is not our policy to give testimonials. We put a lot of work into finding and selecting Being as our Digital Marketing partner. We are delighted with the quality of their work and their responsiveness over the years we’ve worked together. As we now regard them as part of our competitive advantage we‘re not prepared to bring Being to the attention of possible competitors