The Hallé

The hallé ranks among the UK’s top symphonic ensembles, with a distinguished history of acclaimed performances in this country and around the world. The Hallé choose Etelligent to help build a range of audiences and inform supporters worldwide.

What’s joined-up?

The Hallé has broadened its reach and appeal to a wider audience base both with different programme genres and ensemble offerings (orchestras, choirs, educationalist) as well as a much more extensive touring programme throughout the UK. With Etelligent CMS, and in particular Etelligent Email Marketing, audiences now find, and receive more relevant information and recommendations based on their interest and preferences.

Hallé’s web site data-capture touchpoints throughout the site are joined-up with Hallé’s email marketing mailing lists using Etelligent’s Survey Manager and Email Marrketing products to automate the sending of timnely and engaging emails.

Etelligent’s improved concert schedule information is managed through Etelligent Event Manager which integrates with Etelligent Email Marketing to publish and send monthly event updates automatically to subscribers.

Etelligent produtcs selected

  • Etelligent Website CMS
  • Etelligent Email Marketing
  • Etelligent Search Marketing
  • Etelligent Survey Manager
  • Etelligent Events Manager

Enhanced functionality requested

  • Social Media integration
  • Rich Media integration
  • Online payment integration
  • Online booking system integration

Marketing services used

  • Digital planning
  • Design and user experience