Terms of Use

We would ask that you read and agree to the following terms of use.

  • You must not send, or prepare to send, messages which include content:
    • That is unlawful, malicious, or obscene;
    • That could offend any kind of religious ethnic racial or minority group;
    • That could cause harm to minors;
    • For which they do not hold the copyright (or have a right to use) or which infringes another’s patent, trademark or other rights;
    • That could cause damage to the recipient’s computer or any data stored on their computer or to any system over which the message was being delivered.
  • You must not send, or prepare to send, messages on behalf of third parties whether or not a charge is made for doing this unless this is explicitly stated as acceptable in your software licence;
  • You must do the following:
    • Only send messages to existing customers and to contacts who have clearly opted to receive messages;
    • Always make clear the source of the message and the organisation responsible for the content;
    • Deal with any replies or responses in messages in a timely and professional manner;
    • At all times abide by both the letter and the spirit the current version of the Etelligent "Code of Conduct".