Etelligent Website CMS

We have first-hand knowledge and experience of implementing a number of CMS' over the last ten years. With that insight we have developed Etelligent CMS solution with a view to take the best of all our experiences and deliver a better ‘ready to go’ product that saves development time and money.

The main reason however  to develop our own product was to provide a solution that meets more of our clients’ needs to not only manage content online but also to provide more joined-up digital marketing functionality to drive more online customer acquisition, retention  and growth opportunities.

The result is Etelligent CMS – an intuitive browser-based interface you’ll love with lots of advanced features to create compelling and engaging content.

Features include:

  • Create content once and publish anywhere
  • Editing your website with Etelligent CMS is as easy as writing a document in Microsoft Word. You will love the intuitive interface as well as advanced features.
  • WYSIWYG and html editor with audio and video support
  • Browser-based image editor for quick resizing and cropping
  • Page templates allowing you to focus on the content rather than formatting
  • Control over system navigation with ability to schedule publishing and removal of content
  • Widget control allow for rich dynamic features to be easily added through the graphical user interface
  • Workflow can be managed through use of permissions and roles providing alerts to activate publishing or sending
  • Content scheduling allows publishing of pages to be scheduled for future dates
  • Version and archive management creates a history of all user activity.