Anti-Spam Policy

Etelligent is not responsible for the content of any messages that are sent out using our software. We do however require all client users of the system abide by certain guidelines which lay down a code of good practice. The complete Etelligent Code of Conduct is shown below.

For the purposes of the Code, the content of the message consists not only of the text but extends to any images, sounds, video clips, etc. included. The guidelines also apply to any Etelligent web pages that are referenced by the message.

One of the key requirements of the guidelines are that all recipients of Etelligent messages have opted-into the mailing list. Etelligent will not condone the practice know as 'spamming' where unsolicited emails are sent out.

Clients of Etelligent will have to sign-up to not send unsolicited commercial email through Etelligent. Any client who violates this agreement is subject to privacy review, services termination and potential legal action.


Etelligent client users agree that they will not send, or prepare to send, messages that includes content:

  1. That is unlawful, malicious, or obscene.
  2. That could offend any kind of religious, ethical, racial or minority group.
  3. That could cause harm to minors.
  4. For which they do not hold the copyright (or have a right to use) or which infringes another's patent, trademark or other rights.
  5. That could cause damage to the recipients computer or any data stored on their computer, or to any system over which the message was being delivered

Etelligent client users agree that they will do the following:

  1. Sign-up to the Etelligent Code of Conduct.
  2. Provide a privacy statement and opt-in/update profile/unsubscribe processes.
  3. Only send messages to existing customers and to contacts who have clearly opted receive messages.
  4. Aways make clear the source of the message and the organisation responsible for the content.
  5. Deal with any replies or responses in messages in a timely and professional manor.
  6. At all times abide by both the letter and the spirit the current version of the Etelligent Code of Conduct.