Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

Etelligent respects your privacy. This privacy policy explains how any personal information you provide on our site is processed and used by us. This privacy policy is designed to protect you, by informing you what personal information is collected, what we do with that information, with whom we share it and the methods we use to collect it. Your use of the Etelligent website is subject to your agreement with this policy.

Etelligent is committed to the principles of the 1998 Data Protection Act and any digital marketing efforts we undertake adhere strictly to these principles.

Anti Spam Policy

Clients of Etelligent will have/have signed-up to not send unsolicited commercial email through Etelligent. Any client who violates this agreement is subject to privacy review, services termination and potential legal action.

Information we collect

Etelligent may require personal information about you when you sign up to receive our email newsletter. From time to time we will conduct customer surveys where we gather your feedback. However survey results to not identify individual respondents.


    We do not collect information about your use of the Etelligent website from cookies.


    Our data is used in order for Etelligent to continuously improve our services to you and to ensure that you get the best out of the site. In order to enable you to find the best product/service to suit your needs, the collection of personal information is limited and always voluntary. As a user you may opt-in to receive information from us, for which we require only basic personal information. We do not collect further data without your permission and you are always able to update your personal details provided to us and also to unsubscribe so as not to receive any further information from us.


    The information you provide to us enables us to build up your profile, thus ensuring that upon each visit to the website or when an email featuring latest offers is delivered to you, that it is relevant. Etelligent uses a web traffic reporting tool to collect and collate generic information on all our site traffic. This information is only ever represented in aggregate format.

Third Parties

Etelligent does not sell or pass on your personal details to third parties. You will not receive direct marketing from companies outside of Etelligent.

Changing your personal details

Whenever you receive an email you will be able to link to your personal profile to update it.


If you would like us to stop sending you marketing communications, we offer simple ways for you to unsubscribe. When you receive an email from us, you will have the option to unsubscribe. You can also send an email to with your unsubscribe request. Please provide us with your name, address and email address in order to facilitate your request.